by Virginia Greco. Published: 18 December 2017

Last 17th of November the ALICE Collaboration Board (CB) met to discuss a few relevant topics and to endorse the candidature of some members to various roles.

The first item in the agenda was the recently updated Publication Policy, which was voted favourably and thus will be included in the ALICE Constitution. A report from the Diversity Task Force followed, which presented the results of a recent survey on the climate within the collaboration and the perceived discriminations and biases. Actions to be taken by the management and the CB were suggested.

The second part of the meeting was dedicated to the candidature endorsement procedure, carried out by the Chair of the CB, John Harris.

The first endorsement was for Kristjan Guldbrandsen, who is the current Deputy Run Coordinator and will be the Run Coordinator for 2018, starting from January 1. As reminded to the board by spokesperson Federico Antinori, Guldbrandsen received his PhD from MIT in 2004 working in the PHOBOS experiment and joined the ALICE collaboration in the same year. He played an important role in the design, construction and commissioning of the ALICE Forward Multiplicity Detector (FMD), for which he has also been System Run Coordinator (SRC) and deputy SRC. His contribution in the Detector Control System (DCS) activities has been fundamental as well.

The procedure continued with the endorsement of Taku Gunji as Deputy Run Coordinator for 2018. After joining the ALICE collaboration in 2002 for his Master thesis work, he moved to the PHENIX experiment and got his PhD from the University of Tokio (Japan). He went back to ALICE in 2007, where he worked mainly on the Transition Radiation Detector (TRD), on the upgrade of the Time Projection Chamber (TPC) and on the FOCAL proposal. He also has an extensive experience as a run manager.

Three Physics Working Group (PWG) conveners were also endorsed. Dmitry Peresunko will replace Thomas Peitzmann as convener of the Photons and Neutral Mesons working group (PWG-GA) and Stefania Bufalino will take over the leadership of the Light Flavour Spectra working group (PWG-LF), currently held by Francesca Bellini. The mandate of Anthony Timmins as convener of the Flow and Correlations working group (PWG-CF) has been extended until after the conference Quark Matter 2018. This is because the co-convener Ilya Selyuzhenkov has started his mandate only in June this year, thus a longer overlap between the two of them is convenient to guarantee a flawless organization of the conference.

Finally, Barbara Jacak, Peter Jones, André Mischke, Andreas Morsch and Chiara Oppedisano were confirmed for a second mandate as members of the Editorial Board.

The meeting concluded with a report on shift booking by Run Coordinator Grazia Luparello and on the latest activities of the Junior group by the recently-elected representative Jeremy Wilkinson, who replaced Deepa Thomas.