Published: 09 February 2018

On Wednesday 21st February at 16:00 (CEST) a new appointment of the ALICE Journal Club will take place.
Wilke van der Schee, from Utrecht University, will talk about Holography (AdS/CFT).

Abstract: Hydrodynamization and jet energy loss in holography

Holography or gauge/gravity duality has provided unprecedented opportunities to study dynamics in certain strongly coupled gauge theories. One highlight is the finding that general states at strong coupling are described by hydrodynamics extremely fast, even when this means that the anisotropy is still large. This talk attempts to give an accessible introduction what can be done within holography with a particular focus on this hydrodynamization. I will end with a brief overview about jet propagation through plasma, including some recent progress on the shape of the energy distribution.



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  2. Paul Chesler, Wilke van der Schee, Early thermalization, hydrodynamics and energy loss in AdS/CFT: