by Virginia Greco. Published: 20 August 2018

On July 19, the ALICE experiment held its summer party at point 2, which this year was also the occasion to celebrate the retirement of Jürgen Schukraft and Karel Safarik.

Jürgen Schukraft and Karel Safarik [Photo: Virginia Greco]

The annual ALICE appointment that cannot be missed is certainly its summer party. Wonderfully organized by the Secretariat team and held in July during the ALICE week, it offers to collaborators, who are normally spread around the globe, an opportunity to meet not only to talk about work but to share some relaxing social time as well. This year it was also the occasion to celebrate the retirement of two esteemed colleagues, Jürgen Schukraft and Karel Safarik.

Pints of beer were relentlessly poured during the aperitif, after which the almost 200 participants could savour a barbeque buffet while sitting and chatting in the courtyard of the ALICE experimental site. As soon as the dessert was served, an entertaining talk session started, in which the ‘deeds’ of the two soon-emeritimembers of the collaboration were recalled by some of their closest colleagues. After a brief introduction by Andreas Morsch, Spokesperson Federico Antinori shared interesting and sometimes hilarious memories about Karel’s professional and personal life, accompanying them with many captivating vintage photos. Then, Hans Specht took the stage to retrace the early steps of Jürgen’s career and bring in a few delightful pictures of the young Schukraft. Jan Fiete Grosse-Oetringhaus concluded the session with some more anecdotes and Jürgen’s portraits.

The two special guests of the party were not left empty-handed, since a number of presents were offered to them by the whole collaboration. The pleasant evening faded away into some more chatting and drinking under the point 2 summer sky.

Federico Antinori talking about Karel Safarik  [Photo: Virginia Greco]

Federico Antinori talking about Karel Safarik  [Photo: Virginia Greco]

Andreas Morsch and Karel Safarik  [Photo: Wladyslaw Trzaska]

Jürgen Schukraft [Photo: Wladyslaw Trzaska]

Participants following the talk session [Photo: Wladyslaw Trzaska]