by Panos Charitos. Published: 29 April 2014

The next edition of LHComedy, a stand-up comedy night, will take place in the Globe on 13 June.

The organizers are currently recruiting performers and they try to make sure that the line-up reflects the diversity of people at CERN. However, it turns out that at the moment they haven’t had any women coming forward and though they advertised no-one volunteered.

Alexandre Brown, one of the organisers, is currently trying to reach out to as many people as possible to see who might be interested in performing and find a woman that might be.

They are looking for people with a minimum of experience in similar events. Alexander says: “The final line-up could include anyone who has ever given a public talk, CERN tour, performed on stage etc and who can come up with 5-10 minutes’ worth of vaguely amusing jokes or anecdotes about life and work at CERN, physics, science, life, the Universe and Everything… Our selection criteria are fairly loose. Primarily, we will be selecting performers based on what they would bring to the show as a whole (hence also the need for diversity with respect to multiple characteristics, we don’t want an all-physicist cast just like we don’t just want an all-male one)”.

CERN scientists participating in last year's LHComedy brought their passion about science and technology to the world and shared their stories and experiences of life at CERN.

The event happened for the first time last year and was a great success. You can see the recording via the website

If you or any women you know are interested in taking part, please could you get in touch with the LHComedy team (