by Filip Erhardt, Mirko Planinic and Nikola Poljak. Published: 30 October 2014

The ALICE Week outside CERN was held in Primošten, Croatia, from 29th September to 3rd October 2014. The meeting was organised by the Faculty of Science of the University of Zagreb, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture of the University of Split, the Rudjer Bošković Institute and CERN.

Local organising committee (From left to right: Goran Simatovic, Tanja Pierret Simovic, Marina Pavicic, Antonija Utrobicic, Nikola Poljak, Mateo Paulisic, Filip Erhardt, Mirko Planinic).

During the meeting, 130 ALICE members from 24 countries met to discuss the latest progress in physics working groups and detector subsystems and to have technical, physics, management, financial and collaboration board meetings. The meeting followed the ALICE week scheme with plenary talks during first three days. On subsequent days parallel sessions were held, including the analysis tutorial, the juniors meeting and various board meetings. The main venue was at the congress hall of the hotel Zora in Primošten and discussions continued during coffee breaks, lunches and late hours in the evening, even on the beach near the hotel.

During the week a number of topical talks were presented, including those on event structure studies, the dielectrons in ALICE and jets in the medium. These sparked interest and were lively discussed by the participants after the sessions. Some interesting advances were presented in the analysis, showing that there is still a lot to be investigated and presenting interesting research topics for young students and researchers. Advances in the computing and hardware departments of our experiment were also discussed, having in mind the upcoming LHC runs. These were later extended to plenary meetings and parallel sessions, trying to cover as many topics as possible. Some collaborators used this chance to also discuss possible upgrades to the project in separate sessions.

Always busy....

The ALICE juniors had a chance to present their analyses during the juniors meeting, for which an afternoon has been reserved. On the morning of the same day, an analysis tutorial was organized. This seemed to be popular with the juniors off-site, as at one point there were more than 40 juniors connected over Vidyo. For the first time, the analysis tutorial was recorded, so it can be put online and serve as a tutorial for later students as well. The meeting concluded with the collaboration board session and the election of our new members.

Voting at the Collaboration board.

For the Social Dinner, on Wednesday the 1st of October, the participants moved to Marina Frapa in Rogoznica, 8 km away from Primošten to listen to a performace by Klapa Mriža (a Klapa consists of male singers who perform a cappella multi-part singing, in a special traditional way typical for Dalmatia, Croatia) and enjoy a social dinner.

Conference dinner at Marina Frapa.

On the last day of the ALICE week, an excursion to Krka National Park was organised. Krka is a riverland area known as one of the natural beauties of Croatia, open as a national park. Here, one can enjoy the rich diversity of flora and fauna through a network of forest pathways and wooden bridges, or take one of the boat excursions (our visit included a boat visit to island Visovac).

Lecture in the Kravata hall.

In conclusion, the ALICE Week in Primošten was very successful, both in the scientific and in social aspects. All the members of the Organizing Committee wish to express their gratitude to all the participants for making the event productive and lively!