by Nelson Carlin, Jun Takahashi, Alexandre Suaide & Marcelo Gameiro Munhoz. Published: 24 March 2015

The Brazilian science suffered a great loss on 21/02/2015 when Prof. Alejandro (Alex) Szanto Toledo, the ALICE Brazilian group team leader, passed away.

Alex was a professor at Universidade de São Paulo (USP) for more than half a century; having actively contributed to various landmarks in the history of the institute, where he was director and also acted twice as head of the nuclear physics department.

He was also member of the Deliberative Council of the Brazilian National Funding Agency (CNPq) and the State of São Paulo Funding Agency (FAPESP), member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and the São Paulo Academy of Sciences, contributing significantly to the Brazilian science.

Despite all his positions and titles, he defined himself as a physicist, and specifically nuclear physicist. Alex has participated directly in the construction and maintenance of a low energy particle accelerator at USP, where he trained many physicists and published important articles in nuclear physics.

His contributions transcend the Brazilian science. He was a visiting researcher at several laboratories in the US, France, Japan, Russia and Germany. Alex was also a pioneer in creating a high-energy nuclear physics group in Brazil, becoming member of the STAR collaboration in 1995 and the ALICE collaboration in 2006. In recent years, he was always at CERN collaborating and discussing physics with his colleagues and friends.

Due to his strong personality, Alex would not go unnoticed. He left many friends and admirers, thanks to his remarkable enthusiasm for physics and people. He was always fighting for the progress of the Brazilian science in the various positions he held and even during difficult times, he remained faithful to his principles and to those who fight for the same ideals. He was an example of integrity and strength. He will be greatly missed as a friend, a collaborator and a scientist.