by Panos Charitos. Published: 28 June 2015

In an effort to enhance the experiment's already strong online presence the ALICE Outreach team developed a new website for ALICE public pages. It presents information on the experiment, the physics explored, the different detectors and systems, as well as the results that have been published. There was a lot of work to be done: written material was reorganized, photo galleries were updated, broken links were fixed. Moreover, the new website is easily manageable, as it was made in Drupal 7, a Content Management System supported by CERN.

Various functions were implemented to widen its appeal to different audiences. A pop-up option enables users to remain on the same page, making the website more accessible for the general public and CERN visitors, who want to get only a general overview of the experiment. In addition, scientists and teams working on various projects and detectors, can find detailed material in the “Read more…” section.

As for other features, a unique gallery has been set up for every detector, depicting the phases of its construction and commissioning. In addition, an interactive map providing an overview of the participating institutes and countries has been incorporated into the website. Finally, a number of buttons link to outreach related issues (ALICE Matters, ALICE Shop and ALICE Visits). Finally, a “news” section has been added in the front page that will be frequently updated, with the latest news from the collaboration.

The new ALICE website will be publicly launched soon and all members are welcome to send us more feedback and comments to (