by Gergely Gábor Barnaföldi on behalf of the Hungarian ALICE Group. Published: 28 June 2015

We have lost a great DAQ-guru in ALICE: Ervin Dénes passed away on 10 June 2015. Ervin was a great mind and his expertise still blossoms in several CERN experiments.

Ervin Dénes participated in several international experimental collaborations and projects during the last 40 years. After finishing his physics major at the Eötvös University he started his carreer in Dubna. Later on, he joined the software-development group of the Giotto satellite aiming to explore the comet Halley. His story with ALICE started in the late 90s. He became quickly the key member of the ALICE DAQ development group, especially the Detector Data Link (DDL).

The designed system was so successful that few years later it was used in other experiments, such as NA61 at CERN and STAR at BNL. Besides his main DAQ contribution to ALICE, Ervin participated in other CERN projects connected to ATLAS and TOTEM as well.

We will all miss his deep knowledge, brightness and always optimistic smile, which helped a lot during brainstormings in our group.