by Katarina Anthony. Published: 29 July 2015

On Thursday 18 June, ALICE welcomed two POPScience poets on a tour of the experimental cavern.

POPScience Poets Susanne Stephane, with the World Poetry Academy, and Deborah D'agostino, with the International Federation of Business and Professional women, toured Point 2 with ALICE physicist Despina Hatzifotiadou.

In addition to touring the ALICE Control Centre and exhibition area, the group was able to take advantage of the LHC technical stop to visit the experimental cavern itself. While visiting the experiment, the poets expressed their enthusiasm for ALICE's physics programme, whose focus lies on recreating the state of matter right at the beginning of the Universe. With these thoughts of particles and plasma stewing in their minds, the poets have now set out to create works inspired by CERN's fundamental research.

Their visit to ALICE was just one part of a four-day-long tour of CERN and its experiments, in the framework of the EU-funded POPScience programme, together with poet Gwyneth Lewis, also with the World Poetry Academy. POPScience will be celebrated at this year's Researcher's Night - 25 September - with a host of events and activities at the Balexert Shopping Centre and the University of Geneva. The POPScience poets will have their CERN-inspired works presented at an event led by Nobel Prize winner in Literature, Gao Xiang, and CERN Director for Research, Sergio Bertolucci.

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All the e-books by the POPScience winners are available here