by Anar Rustamov. Published: 10 November 2015

During the 12th and the 13th of October 2015 the delegation from the ALICE experiment, consisting of Prof. Dr. P. Giubellino, Prof. P. Braun-Munzinger, Prof. G. Zinovjev and Dr. P. Buncic, visited the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main goal of the visit, organised by the Ministry of Communications and High Technologies (MCHT) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was to establish a scientific cooperation between ALICE and National Nuclear Research Centre (NNRC) at MCHT. The details of the cooperation were discussed in several meetings held at MCHT and NNRC.


During the meeting at MCHT, the first deputy minister gave detailed information on their activities in the field of high technologies at the ministry. He emphasised that Azerbaijan is interested in international cooperations in the field of high energy and particle physics. Moreover, technical parameters of a data centre, built by MCHT, and its exploration at CERN were discussed. The delegation visited the data centre and the NNRC site. Meeting with chairman of NNRC and head of the nuclear physics department at NNRC was mostly devoted to details of cooperation with the ALICE experiment, which were documented in the Letter of Intent to the ALICE Collaboration board. Members of the delegation from ALICE supported the intention of NNRC to become a full member of the ALICE Collaboration and were satisfied with the experience of a newly created group of physicists, which is supposed to join the experiment.

Another meeting was held at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (ANAS) on the scientific cooperation between ANAS and NNRC in the context of the ALICE experiment. The ALICE delegation pointed to the importance of such cooperation, which was also supported by president of ANAS.

During the meeting at the Baku State University (BSU) involvement of students from the faculty of physics in ALICE activities at the NNRC was discussed with the rector of the university and common agreement was reached.

The visit was finalized with a seminar at BSU with dedicated ALICE talks on physics and computing.