by Michał Droń. Published: 28 February 2016

We are a group of students from a Polish high school, I Liceum in Gorzów Wielkopolski. As we really like studying Physics and Mathematics we decided to visit CERN and we visited Geneva as well. During two days of intense sightseeing we learnt a lot about quarks, bosons, hadron colliders and other really interesting things.

On the first day, early in the morning we arrived at CERN. First impressions? We were surprised by the complexity of the whole centre. We were guided to one of the conference rooms and the opening lecture began. The scientist who introduced us to CERN is a graduate from our high school. His presentation was really engaging, even though we were tired after a night spent on the bus. He told us about the research which is done at CERN. The woman researcher who was speaking after him, told us how to get a job there ; finally the last presentation was about realities of work at CERN. After the lectures we took a break for lunch. Then we visited the Antiproton Decelerator. First thought was: “It’s huge.” However… We had not seen LHC yet. We also visited the Data Centre – the most astonishing fact was that every minute so much data is processed there.

On the second day we were visiting ALICE, which is an acronym for A Large Ion Collider Experiment. We were divided inthree smaller groups - because of the safety rules that had been explained to us before, we could not look over the detector  all 70 of us at the same time. We travelled down through one hundred metres of solid ground, and finally we reached our destination. We knew it’s big… but what we saw surpassed everyone’s wildest expectations. Not only were we amazed because of the size, but also some of us started thinking about getting a job there! After careful inspection of the detector we had another presentation with the researcher we had already met in the Data Centre. He once again dispelled everyone’s doubts about elementary particles, research and what it is like to work there.

In the afternoon we visited Geneva – we think that city is beautiful. Living there and working in CERN would make our dreams come true. To sum up, the trip combined learning with pleasure, everyone was happy and satisfied. We wish we could come to CERN again!