Published: 28 February 2016

Arturo Menchaca-Rocha has been appointed to head Mexico’s Presidential Science Advisory Council (SAC) until 2019. This governmental organism groups together the 120 Mexicans who have earned the National Science Award, the highest academic honour in the country. SAC duties involve periodical meetings with the Mexican President, as well as contributing to the country’s development planning. Among other activities, SAC is also charged of calling for, and evaluating, the Mexican Science Award (Premio Mexico), a prestigious international honour granted yearly by the Mexican Presidency to scientists of all fields, working in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, but excepting Mexicans.

An ALICE Team Leader of the Institute of Physics group from the National Autonomous University, Menchaca-Rocha also headed the Mexican Academy of Sciences in 2010-2012. Currently his group participates in developing V0PLUS, a plastic-scintillator-based subsystem of the Fast Interaction Trigger (FIT), and also participates in nuclei/anti-nuclei production analyses.