by Iva Raynova. Published: 31 March 2016

She has a unique recipe for good mood – respect for the others, tolerance and a constant smile. She just loves to be here and it shows. 

Peggy is the assistant of the ALICE resource coordinator, Adriana Telesca. She joined the collaboration in October 2015, after working in the CERN Finance department for the past five years. Born and raised in the town of Saint Nazaire in France, she moved near Switzerland in 2004 after her husband was offered a position in Geneva in the telecommunication field. He worked at CERN for several weeks. “He told me that it is a great place in and that the people here are very nice. I found out that there is an open position for administrative assistant in finance. I applied and they chose me. That is how I got here.”

Peggy loves working in ALICE. “I like to see that people are happy and satisfied with my service. Everybody is welcome in my office when they need my help. I do my best to answer their questions.” Her favourite thing is the tolerance she witnesses daily and the diversity of people working at CERN. “It is amazing here. Everybody is so nice and I always come to work with pleasure. I also learn a lot of things. For example, I learned to respect everybody. Every single person contributes to the team in a different way and we need to tolerate each other’s differences.”

Peggy has an A-level in accounting and a BTEC Higher National Diploma for management assistant. The reason she chose to work in this field is because accounting corresponds to her personality. “I like mathematics and I like order. In accounting you add the numbers and if they don’t match at the end, you have an error. You find it, you fix it and you go on. People think accounting is difficult and boring, that it is only administrative procedures and filling tax forms. In reality, it is quite interesting and simple. You need to structure everything and suddenly it all becomes very clear.”

In her free time she likes to do sports. “I train aqua fitness and piloxing, which is a mix of dancing elements, pilates and boxing, all in one. It is quite intense. I usually try to do that at least three times a week, because it relieves the stress after a busy workday.” She is also the Treasurer of the English Book Club at CERN.

The fact that Peggy loves her job so much makes her wish to stay in ALICE for as long as possible. “I would be very happy to stay here for a long time and to work with Adriana. We are a great team. I like her a lot, she is very competent in her job and I learned many things from her. I wish a lot of success for all the ALICE people.”