by Iva Raynova. Published: 31 March 2016

On 4 February, during an official visit in India, ALICE spokesperson Paolo Giubellino delivered a memorial lecture, dedicated to Prof. Shyama Das Chatterjee of the Indian Physical Society.

Prof. Chatterjee was a well-known experimental physicist, famous for discovering the spontaneous fission of Uranium. The Indian Physical Society was established by Prof. Meghnad Saha and it is one of the oldest scientific societies in the country. Among other things, it organizes a talent hunt via a Young Physicists' Colloquium and other similar meetings. It also administers several prestigious lectures.

“There is a special relation between ALICE and India. The largest Indian participation in experimental physics outside India is in ALICE and they are an important partner of the collaboration since its very beginning. Currently there are 14 Indian institutes in ALICE. They all contribute not only to the physics analysis, but also to the experiment, since many important detector parts were made in India – says Paolo Giubellino. – That is why I am honoured I was invited to give this memorial lecture. It is a recognition of the special relationship between ALICE and India, which goes beyond just the ALICE community. ALICE is also recognised by the Indian Physical Society as a special partner in science for the Indian physics community.”