by Iva Raynova. Published: 31 March 2016

The “Nuclear Physics A Young Scientist Award for best experimental talk at Quark Matter 2015” has been awarded to ALICE member Natasha Sharma for her talk "Results from (anti-)(hyper-)nuclei production and searches for exotic bound states with ALICE at the LHC". The awards aim to promote the work of young, up-and-coming nuclear and high-energy physicists since 2007 and they were given to the best talks presented at Quark Matter 2015 by both theorists and experimentalists. Each winner receives 400 euros, as well as a certificate.

“My talk was based on four papers, which we published in ALICE. This is the result from many people’s hard work – says Natasha. – I didn’t expect to receive the award. Even in my rarest dream I couldn’t imagine that I would be awarded. But I’m glad that I got it. I have been in this field for many years now and it is like a reward for all the hard work, all the effort I have put into my work.”

ALICE Matters’ team congratulates Natasha for her success and wishes her many other achievements in the future.