Published: 30 July 2016

Two pleasant and entertaining activities took place during the last ALICE Collaboration week. In keeping the tradition, on the 12th of July the ALICE CERN team organised a special BBQ summer party at Point 2. It was attended by nearly 200 ALICE members, even despite the rainy weather.

On the following day, the 13th of July, three teams competed in the ALICE football tournament:  Adriatic, Slovak FC, and the Vikings of Tuva. Rain clouds were in the area, but thankfully no rain fell on the pitch during the tournament. Firstly, a group stage was played to determine the best two out of three teams. Each group game was 12 minutes long and each team played 4 times. Adriatic and Slovak FC were the top two teams from the group stage, and therefore played in the final. The score in the final was Adriatic 2 - 0 Slovak FC. The final was 24 minutes long, with two halves. The first goal was scored in the second minute of the first half. The second goal came in the last minute of the first half, when Slovak FC were pressing for equalizer deep into Adriatic’s half. With the Slovak FC defence leading a high line, Adriatic won possession in their own half, ran towards Slovak FC’s goal and scored with a neat finish to the right. The pace in the second half was slower and a rainbow in the sky marked the last few minutes of the game.

You can find a video of the final here.