by Virginia Greco. Published: 02 November 2016

Meet Nathalie, Guylaine and Julia: the persons who solve daily your administrative problems.

The ALICE Secreteriat team: Nathalie (left), Guylaine (right) and Julia (centre).


If you need to book a room for a meeting, organize an internal event, get a document or simply the key to your new office, you know that you can go to the Secretariat and somebody will help you out. No matter how strange your request is, they will always try to put you at ease and solve your problem.

After a couple of years of frequent changes, ALICE now has a new secretary team that is likely (and willing) to last for a longer period. It is formed by three competent and kind ladies: Nathalie, Guylaine and Julia.

Nathalie is the senior of the group, as she arrived in ALICE three years ago after serving in various administration offices at CERN. “What I like the most in this job is that there is always something new to learn;” Nathalie comments, “in an experiment like ALICE things work differently than in the users office, where I have spent some years. People can have any kind of request or problem and we always try to help and make things run smoothly within the collaboration”.

She hopes she will be able to settle down in ALICE, nevertheless she recognizes that moving through different departments and offices gave her the opportunity to learn more and - most of all - create a network of people: “When I need something from another department”, she explains, “most of the times I already know who I should contact and what the procedure is.”

Now Nathalie is training her new colleagues. Guylaine, the youngest, joined the team this year in March: she had already worked at CERN, in the CMS experiment, but with short contracts. She would like to spend some time and grow professionally in ALICE. “I am getting to know the members of the collaboration, who are all very kind”, she declares, “I am happy with this job and I would like to keep working in ALICE.”

Julia is the newest-comer, as she became a member of the team only last summer. She knows well CERN, though, as she has been working in other administrative offices of the centre. Now she is familiarizing herself with the ALICE collaboration and her new tasks: “The work I am carrying out now is different from what I used to do before”, Julia comments, “nevertheless I know already the CERN environment and many of the tools that we use in our work.”

The three of them like new challenges, which make their job more interesting, and have plenty of ideas that they discuss together. Nathalie is in command, but they actually organize their daily work as a group: “I may suggest them what to do,” Nathalie explains, “but in general they can choose to take on the tasks they prefer and new inputs are always welcome.”

In addition to being really helpful and welcoming themselves, they are working to make the Secretariat a cosier place, with a bit of colours and decoration. Soon they will also renew the ALICE merchandise, with a new design of the T-shirt and other gadgets. For the time being, they are very busy with the many changes ongoing in the collaboration: a different managing team and new members coming on-board. Nevertheless, they will always find a moment to listen to your request and make their best to help you out.