by Rosario Nania. Published: 21 March 2013

"Imparare Sperimentando" is an exhibition in Pordenone (Italy) on scientific matters. It has now reached its 8th edition. As the title explains, it is devoted to show to a large public the main instruments which allow the progress in different disciplines ranging from nanostructures to biology and astronomy. Thanks to the tireless enthusiasm of Prof. I. Sciarratta and his team of volunteers, the exhibition brings thousands of visitors in the magnificent church of San Francesco in the center of the city and has substantial visibility in the schools and in the media.

This year the exhibition was devoted to CERN and its experiments. With the title "The dark side of the universe" it was an occasion to explain the successes of LHC and the connection between particle physics and astronomy. Models and videos have been sent from all LHC experiments and from the machine.

Imparare Sperimentando" is an exhibition that is yearly organized in Pordenone. This year's exhibtion was dedicated to the CERN experiments and there was a special corner for ALICE.

ALICE participated with a stand rich in material and images. INFN sections from Padova and Trieste brought little models of the silicon SPD and SSD detectors with details on the cooling and a small camera to better appreciate the technical details of the objects. From LNF in Frascati a full module of the EMCAL was shown with bright green WLS fibers. A module of the TOF with a windows on a sectioned MRPC was brought by Bologna, Salerno and Centro Fermi ( with glasses produced here in Pordenone !). Torino and Bari prepared explanatory posters for ZDC and HMPID. Torino presented its "Digital Graffiti" artistic video which was projected continuously on a big screen in the stand. On a TV there was the continuous projection of two videos: the first one (prepared in record time by CERN P. Catapano and P. Charitos ) with photos, videos and few interviews of Italian physicists working in ALICE, the second showing in 5 minutes the various steps of the TOF construction, assembly and installation. A big thanks to all those who helped in this project!

Class-room 1-O , I.T.S.T "J.F.Kennedy" Pordenone visiting the ALICE corner in "Imparare sperimentando"

The exhibition was visited by several thousand people of all ages and it was very interesting to see their interest in these subjects, the simple questions (although sometimes difficult to answer!), their smiles when they understand something for them obscure up to now. In one day I have seen several parents asking us to explain to their 5-8 years old sons ( or to themselves ?!) something of the exhibition or persons entering with curiosity after their shopping at the nearby open-market. In occasions like “Imparare sperimentando” you really feel that, although our field is difficult to understand, there is a genuine curiosity of the public and talking to them certainly deserves all our efforts.

Students who visited the exhibition had the chance to learn more about "A Universe full of particles".

You can watch the interviews from the exhibition by clicking here