by Paolo Guibellino. Published: 19 February 2013

A message from our spokesperson.

As you know, another very important moment is approaching for the Collaboration. While we prepare the Technical Design Reports for the Upgrade of the experiment which was endorsed by the LHCC in September (due in the summer), we have to reach a decision on three proposals which are being developed in the collaboration for additional detectors, which would extend the scope of ALICE in Particle Identification (the VHMPID) in muon tracking (the MFT) and in forward calorimetry (the FOCAL).

The proposals are well known, since they have been presented repeatedly to the collaboration in the course of the last year, but we now have to reach an agreement on the course to follow, so we will need well founded input from the Collaboration. The three LoIs of MFT, VHMPID and FOCAL, following the comments from the respective IRCs, are now open for comments from the Collaboration. Please take the time to read and comment these very important documents, you have until March 1st to post comments.

The next step will be an OPEN FORUM on March 4th starting at 11:30, where the proposals will be publicly discussed by the whole collaboration to express our views and give input for this essential decision for the collaboration. for FOCAL for MFT for VHMPID

A special Management Board meeting will be held on March 7th to discuss the outcome of the Open Discussion and finally the MB of March 21st will formulate a recommendation. It is essential that people do take the opportunity to read the LoIs now, to make the discussion at the Open Forum effective. The final decision will be taken by the Collaboration Board on March 22nd. So, in summary: Please stay tuned! And mark your calendar for the March 4th Open Forum.

Thank you, all the best, Paolo