by Ian Randall. Published: 10 June 2011

ALICE member Johanna Stachel has been nominated president-elect of the Deutsche Physikalischen Gesellschaft1 (DPG). Stachel will be the first female president of the DPG when she takes up the reins in April next year.

CERN/Saba, A

DPG president-elect, Johanna Stachel - seen here with ALICE's Transition Radiation Detector

Stachel, who is a professor of experimental physics at the University of Heidelberg, conducts research with ALICE into quark-gluon plasma, and is also the project leader of the Transition Radiation Detector. Born in Munich, she received her PhD from the University of Mainz, and has worked at both the Brookhaven National Laboratory and Stony Brook University.

Stachel is also currently active on boards at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation. The recipient of many research awards, Stachel was presented with the Federal Cross of Merit in 1999.

The presidency of the DPG has a two year term, and is a voluntary position. The society itself – which was founded in 1845 – is both the oldest and the largest physical society in the world, with a membership of over 59,000 physicists.

  • 1. The German Physical Society