by Lucile Hervet . Published: 19 February 2013

Student at the University Lyon II and graduated BA in communication, I am currently doing a Master in communication. Born in the Pays de Gex, I always knew about the activities of CERN. After passing the Baccalaureate in Marketing at Ferney Voltaire’s high school I pursued my studies in Oxford, England.

Then I decided to come back to France after one year in England in order to study in a French university. In 2009 I started a BA in Communication at the University Lumière Lyon II. Over the summer 2010 I went to Cape Town for an internship at the newspaper “Cape Chameleon” as a journalist during one month, an occasion for me to get an idea of the journalist’s job. After the experience in South Africa I was certain that journalism is what I wanted to do. Therefore I applied to work at the “Dauphiné Libéré” as a freelance few weeks after my return. After two years studying communication I passed the contest to the new journalism training in the university Lyon II and then started my formation. During one year, I have learnt journalist’s basic knowledge and how to shoot and edit a video or radio report in a minimum of time. Despite an incredible year in journalism, I decided to go back to communication. I realized over the year in journalism that it was my thing. But I also realized that to become a journalist nowadays will be difficult, there are not many jobs and the economic situation of the media is uncertain.

Lucile jumping into the ALICE experiment.

Graduated in a BA Communication I started a Master in Communication in september 2012. The university requires students to complete an internship. Beginning of February, after months of research I began a new adventure and experiment within the ALICE experiment.

I love to travel and communicate with people from different backgrounds and cultures. This internship within a structure such as CERN is a huge opportunity for me to be trained but also to learn a little more about the secrets of the Universe…