by Catherine Decosse & Ian Randall. Published: 19 August 2011

Gines Martinez-Garcia1 and Rosario Nania2 were elected mebers ad-personam of the Management Board, for three year terms, at the last Collaboration Board meeting on 22 July this year. Following the election, ALICE Spokesperson Paolo Giubellino thanked the two exiting members, Eugenio Nappi3 and Jean-Pierre Revol4, for their excellent contributions to the Management Board in the past years.

New members of the Management board are elected by the Collaboration Board, following nominations from the Collaboration Board chair, in consultation with the Spokesperson and the collaboration as a whole.

The Management Board, which is chaired by the ALICE Spokesperson, is responsible for directing the ALICE experiment in all matters of a financial, organizational, scientific or technical nature. The board, which meets monthly also provides endorsement to project leaders on proposals from the various projects within ALICE, and is mandated to settle disputes between or within individual projects.

Decisions made by the board are taken by consensus, with all major decisions being subsequently submitted to the Collaboration Board for endorsement. The Collaboration Board also receives referrals from the Management Board in the instances where no consensus can be reached.

More information on the Management Board, including a list of its members, can be found on the ALICE webpages. The minutes of the meetings are made available to the Collaboration online.

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