by Tapan Nayak. Published: 20 June 2013

On 28 April 2013, in a specially organized ceremony during the India-ALICE meeting, four Indian institutes signed Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with CERN and ALICE. The Institutes along with their representatives are:

1. Bose Institute, Kolkata, represented by Sibaji Raha

2. Gauhati University, Guwahati, represented by Buddhadeb Bhattacharyee

3.  Indian Institute of Technology, Indore, represented by Raghunath Sahoo

4. National Institute of Science and Educational Research (NISER), Bhubaneswar, represented by Bedangadas Mohanty.

After the MoU signing: (from left to right) Fedrico Antinori, Yogendra Viyogi, Sibaji Raha, Buddhadeb Bhattacharhee, Paolo Giubellino, Bikash Sinha, Raghunath Sahoo, Tapan Nayak and Bedangadas Mohanty.

The MoUs were signed by Dr. Paolo Giubellino, ALICE Spokesperson, and the respective representatives in the presence of several members of ALICE including Bikash Sinha, Yogendra Viyogi and Federico Antinori.

MoU signing at Indian Institute of Technology, Indore

After the general function of MoU signing of four institutes at Mumbai, a special ceremony was organized at the campus of Indian Institute of Technology, Indore (IITI) on 2nd May 2013. This function was presided by the Principal Investigator and Team Leader of the ALICE-IITI team, Raghunath Sahoo. The occasion was graced with the august presence of Director, IITI, Pradeep Mathur, Dean of R & D, N.S. Chaudhari, Dean of Faculty Affairs, P.N. Puntambekar, Dy. Team Leader, Ankhi Roy, ALICE Spokesperson, Paolo Giubellino, and ALICE-India Project Coordinator, Tapan Nayak. The MoU was signed by CERN Director for Research and Computing, Sergio Bertolucci, ALICE Spokesperson Paolo Giubellino. On behalf of IIT, it was signed by N.S. Chaudhari, and Raghunath Sahoo. As the youngest team of ALICE, IIT Indore plans to participate in the maintenance, operation and upgrade of the ALICE experiment with two faculty members and 4 Ph.D. students. The plan is to build a Ter-2 grid computing centre at Indore. This MoU will provide a platform for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of IIT Indore to participate in the world’s largest laboratory in the cutting edge areas of science and technology.

At IIT, Indore: Paolo Giubellino shakes hand with N.S. Chadhuri (Dean R&D, IITI) after the MoU signing ceremony, in the presence of Tapan Nayak, Raghunath Sahoo, Pradeep Mathur (Director, IITI) and Ankhi Roy.