by Barbara Erazmus & Helmut Oeschler. Published: 18 December 2012

The ALICE publications rules have been revised as a part of the ALICE Constitution.

A committee (*) appointed by the chair of the Collaboration Board was charged to review the whole process leading to the publication of results. The outcome of the committee work was a proposal for a revision of the ALICE publication policy endorsed by the Collaboration Board.

The spirit of the new rules is to reinforce the autonomy of the Physics Working Groups and Physics Analysis Groups. They play a major role in the preparation of the results to be published.

In order to ensure that preliminary and published results are of the highest quality and that they are reproducible, it is required that any new result is accompanied by a detailed Analysis Note. Furthermore ALICE members are now encouraged to produce an ALICE Public Note for preliminary results. This has to contain sufficient information so that people outside the collaboration can understand how the results have been obtained. The Paper Committee is appointed when the analysis of the results is completed and corresponding notes available. The tasks of the committees (Paper Committee and Internal Review Committee) involved in the preparation of a manuscript are redefined.

The new publication rules will be evaluated after a period of six months following their approval.

The full text of the new Policy for Publications is available here and is public to everyone on the ALICE webpage .

(*) Members of the committee: H.Appelshaeuser, A.Baldisseri, P. Christiansen,
B. Erazmus (chair), J.-F. Grosse-Oetringhaus, H. Hamagaki, P. Jacobs, E. Kryshen, M. van Leeuwen, G. Martinez S. Masciocchi, Y. Pachmayer, G. Scioli, E. Scomparin, Y. Viyogi, H. Wessels