by Catherine Decosse & Julie Hadre. Published: 25 November 2011

Over the summer, upon request of our spokesperson, we started to work on branding and visual identity for the experiment. It immediately became clear to us that one of the first items to look at was our logo. We examined the current logo and quickly came to the conclusion that we needed to make it simpler in one or two colours, easy to reproduce in black & white, on different supports and in different sizes.


The new ALICE multicolour logo with strapline

We looked at the usage of our logo and saw that many different versions were circulating, low resolution files were used and many were unevenly scaled. We also looked into copyright issues with the little person part of our logo … since we do not want to have to pay penalties because of copyright infringement…

After a few weeks of work, consultation with many colleagues and professional graphic designers, we proposed to the Management Board a revised version of our logo with the following characteristics:

- simpler with graphic impact.

- easily printed in one colour, two colours and more, on white or clear background, as well as on dark background. When downscaled it is still well readable.

- stronger visual because the octagon is immediately eye-catching. The font chosen is special, not usual and first disturbs the eyes because the roundness of the font is in disharmony with the shape of the octagon corners. The intention behind is to catch the eyes of the reader… and it works!

- easy to embroider on cap or t-shirts.

Together with branding specialists and a group of colleagues from different teams and activities in the experiment, we worked on a strapline we could associate to the logo. A strapline is especially useful for small advertising articles on which you need more than a logo to convey a short message. We worked out several straplines and the one preferred was ‘Journey of discovery’; It contains the word “discovery” which is clearly a key value of the experiment and the word “journey” which represents the daily learning and the exploration towards discovery.

The Management Board accepted the new version of the logo and the strapline, and they were endorsed last week by the members of the Collaboration Board.

The new logo is now available in various versions on the ALICE webpages. Note that there is a ready to use version for physics plots. We recommend to use the version with the strapline only for outreach purpose, and to use the logo alone for all the rest. You can upload the different versions on our internal webpages: