Published: 27 May 2011

The ‘Primordial QCD Matter in LHC Era: implications of QCD results on the early universe’ conference will be held in Cario, Egypt, on 4-8 December this year. The event is being organised by the Egyptian Center for Theoretical Physics at the Modern University for Technology and Information.

The conference will bring together cosmologists and particle physicists – with the intention of discussing the implications on the two fields of recent LHC results on QCD1 Matter.

Specific topics being discussed during the conference include: astrophysical observations and ultra high energy cosmic rays; cosmological standard model and relativistic astrophysics; deconfinement and phase transitions in QCD; LHC experiments and properties of QCD matter; relativistic hydrodynamics and physics of the early universe; and thermodynamics in lattice QCD.

More information, and the registration form, can be found on the conference website.

  • 1. Quantum Chromodynamic.