by Ian Randall. Published: 25 July 2011

The “Nuclear Physics A Young Scientist Award for best experimental talk at Quark Matter 2011” has been awarded to ALICE member Stefan Heckel for his talk “Event-by-event mean pT fluctuations in pp and Pb-Pb collisions measured by the ALICE experiment at the LHC”. The awards, which aim to recognise and promote the work of outstanding young nuclear physicists, were presented at the Quark Matter conference in Annecy, on 28 May this year.

“I would like to thank all the people that helped and supported me... [especially] my supervisor, Prof. Harald Appelshaeuser… and the whole Frankfurt group,” said Heckel, a student at the Goethe University of Frankfurt. “It’s been really nice to work with all of those people.”

Heckel, who has been working with ALICE since March last year, is presently writing up his Master’s thesis, and hopes to continue working with ALICE and the University of Frankfurt when he goes on to start his PhD.


The winners of the Nuclear Physics A Young Scientist Awards. From left to right: Hannu Holopainen, Alice Ohlson and Stefan Heckel.

Two other young scientists were recognised in this year’s awards: also in the category of ‘Best experimental talk’, Alice Ohlson was commended for her presentation “Jet-hadron correlations in STAR”. Hannu Holopainen was awarded in the category of ‘Best theory talk’, for his presentation “Event-by-event hydrodynamics and elliptic flow from fluctuating initial state".

Nuclear Physics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, which is published fortnightly by Elsevier. Nuclear Physics A focuses original research papers and reviewed conference proceedings, in the field of nuclear and hadronic physics. The Young Scientist Award consists of a certificate, and a 500 Euro prize.

The slides from Heckel’s presentation can be viewed online, here. For more information about the Nuclear Physics A Young Scientist Awards, please visit the Elsevier website.