Published: 22 January 2013

One of the first proton - lead ion collisions collected this year during the proton-lead run at the LHC.

Reconstructed events from the recent p-Pb collisions as seen by ALICE

Proton-lead collisions send showers of particles through the ALICE detector. A glimpse of these asymmetric proton-lead collisions was taken during a pilot run last September that gave some exciting results which have already been published.

The lead-proton collisions will represent an ultimate benchmark to fully understand results from lead-lead collisions but also some of the exciting effects that were observed during the previous short p-Pb run. Comparing the results of lead-proton collisions to those of lead-lead collisions will help ALICE physicists to decouple the effects of the plasma from effects stemming from having lead ions in the initial state and will offer a better understanding of hot physics of the QGP.

The lead-proton run is set to continue until February, when the LHC begins its two-year shutdown. Stay tuned as the ALICE Experiment gears up for more exciting physics in 2013!

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