by Panos Charitos. Published: 17 May 2013

The ALICE Collaboration Board decided that PhD students who have started working with ALICE after January 1st 2012 should dedicate six months of work to a service task; namely a task that will not be directly related to their thesis work but will be for the benefit of the Collaboration.

 In the past few months a list of tasks has been identified and an effort has been put in building a user-friendly web interface. In the meantime the activity can start “manually”, with Resource Coordination keeping track of the overall progress, according to the following procedure:

After a student and his/her supervisor have agreed to pick one task from the list   

1) PhD student and supervisor contact service task owner (they have to agree that the task is currently available and suitable).

2) When agreement is reached the service task OWNER should send an email to Resource Coordinator with

  • Name of Student,
  • Name of Supervisor,
  • Task(s) chosen,
  • % of time,
  • Start,
  • Expected end.

3) The task owner will send a second email to the Resource coordinator when the task is to be considered fulfilled.

Of course the procedures and the list of tasks can change based on the experience and the feedback that we will get after the first few months of this new procedure.

It should be added that some students have already done or are doing service work, so the dates can be in the past, as long as the task owner agreed that indeed the work has been done or is ongoing .

The full list can be found here:

Finally, it should be mentioned that most tasks do not require physical presence at CERN and students can work from their home institutes.