by Jurgen Schukraft. Published: 03 November 2010

I am very pleased to see the launch of the first edition of our twice-monthly newsletter, ALICE Matters. This should become a tool to communicate news from the experiment and its members to everyone in our Collaboration, as well as everybody else who may be interested.

As the name suggests, it will cover all 'matters' of interest to members of ALICE, with regular reports about running and data taking, summaries from the ALICE weeks, occasional 'features' and much more. Besides, 'matter' (of the extremely hot and dense type) is our business, after all!

Please see yourself not only as a reader, but also as a contributor. Do contact our editor, Ian Randall, about anything you consider newsworthy, e.g. from your country, detector, or group.

Antonio Saba/CERN

ALICE's Spokesperson, Jurgen Schukraft.

This is an excellent time for us to launch this new communication tool. It is hard to believe it's less than a year since the formidable first days of 'real data' from last November. Whilst the operation and data taking has almost become routine now, this is about to change dramatically, as heavy ion runs are expected to commence any moment now!

This will be a prime time for ALICE; the moment we have anticipated for almost two decades. Let's see what nature has in store for us with the heavy ion collisions in the LHC; and I'm now taking bets for the charged particle multiplicity in central (0-5 per cent central) lead-lead collisions. Send me an email with your best guess, and I hope to be able to announce the winner sooner rather than later!

Please enjoy reading Matters.

Jurgen Schukraft is the ALICE Spokesperson.



Quite Excited For the Newsletter!

Hi there! I have been following LHC on twitter for quite a while now (about a year) and recently found Alice on there. Looks like I found it at the right time! I look forward to seeing results from the upcoming collisions.

Currently I am reading "Present at the Creation" by Amir D. Aczel and reading about the history and the purpose behind these experiments has gotten me REALLY excited for these tests. I would consider the LHC and everything surrounding it a hobby for me, as I have absolutely no background in science. But I am psyched for learning more and reading pretty much everything I can get my hands on. So thank you for starting up this newsletter! I can't wait to read more!

Sarah C.