Autumn at ALICE

by Polly Bennett. Published: 28 October 2011

Autumn heralds some major events for ALICE. Firstly the LHC accelerator is about to complete its proton-proton programme for the year. This makes way for ALICE week and the start of the heavy ion run on the 14th November. Federico Ronchetti, period run coordinator for October, sums up this month’s results and preparations for the lead-lead collisions. Secondly is the proton-lead collisions test, with which it is hoped we will understand better the processes during lead ion collisions. Amy Dusto explores this issue in her article ‘Accelerator Soup’.

Another event with ALICE this autumn is a change in the ALICE Matters editorial team with the arrival of our new journalist Polly Bennett. ALICE Matters remains a base for the community of the ALICE collaboration: celebrating people, news, results, changes and the daily life...

Words from the spokesperson

by Paolo Giubellino. Published: 17 January 2011

Dear Friends,

Let me take the opportunity of this first "ALICE Matters" of the year to wish to you all a fantastic 2011! The year which has just closed was a memorable one, with ALICE going through a series of successes which climaxed, at the very end of the year, with the heavy ion run and the magnificent burst of papers which followed. Yet it is already time to look at new challenges!