by Ian Randall. Published: 03 November 2010

ALICE is pleased to announce the reprinting of its technical paper, The ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC

[fn]The ALICE Collaboration (2008). The ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC Journal of Instrumentation, 3 (08) DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/3/08/S08002[/fn]. Complimentary copies of the paper are available for collection from Ulla Tihinen, in the ALICE secretariat[fn]Located in building 301, Room 29.[/fn]

Ian Randall

Copies of the technical paper are available from the ALICE secretariat.

The paper describes in detail the detector components within ALICE, as they were originally fitted in mid-2008. “This book is indispensable for physicists working in the ALICE collaboration,” says ALICE’s Yves Schutz.

Copies of CERN Large LHC accelerator and experiments (2 volumes) are also still available from the secretariat.