by Paolo Giubellino. Published: 06 August 2012

Paolo Giubellino - ALICE spokesperson

As you know, in Early September there will be a most important meeting in Cracow, where the strategy for the future of High Energy Physics will be discussed. Once more, I encourage all to try to participate: it is a rare opportunity to take part in shaping the future of our field. In the meantime, there was last month a very successful Town meeting of the Heavy Ion community, where the long term plans of HI Physics at the LHC and elsewhere were discussed. I urge you to find out more about the conclusion of the Town Meeting (which have been submitted to the Cracow strategy meeting) and also the statement which ALICE has submitted to the Cracow meeting in the following link (or the documents which I recently send2. They are both very important documents, setting the stage for the future of ALICE, please do take the time to read them! The ALICE document naturally descends from the many discussions and decisions taken within ALICE in the past months, but it is very nice to see them organized in a coherent document.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have worked extremely hard to make enormous progress in the definition of our plans for the future in a very short time. This has been a remarkable achievement.

Last, but not least, we continue to collect documents and talks on the upgrades in the usual webpage reachable from the UPGRADES button on the ALICE main page, so please consult it periodically.

Thank you, best, Paolo