by Andreas Morsch. Published: 19 November 2012

The 8th International Workshop on High pT Physics at LHC was held in Wuhan, China on October 20-24, 2012 organized by the Institute of Particle Physics at Central China, Normal University.

This series of Workshops started in autumn 2006 with a six days meeting organized by the conveners of the ALICE Jet and Photons Physics Working Group at the European Center for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics (ECT) in Trento, Italy.

The objective was to provide before the LHC start-up a forum to bring together experimentalists and theorists with experience in jet analysis at RHIC with those preparing the data analysis at the LHC. Experimentalists met theorists to clarify, which are the remaining open questions and how they can be addressed experimentally at the LHC.

The poster of the 8th International Workshop on High pT physics

The success of the meeting triggered the idea to continue with regular workshops extending the scope from jet physics to general high transverse momentum (pT) phenomena and to perpetuate it into the LHC area. The second workshop was already organized in March 2007 at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. In 2010 the meeting went the first time outside Europe crossing the Atlantic, with UNAM, Mexico City as the local organizer and confirmed its truly international spirit by reaching Asia this year.

After 10 successful years of RHIC, LHC pp runs at three different center of mass energies, data from two Pb-Pb runs and a first glimpse at pA, this was the ideal time for a close examination of the new experimental results from LHC together with lessons learned from RHIC and new advances in theoretical studies. Whereas at the time of the first workshop full jet reconstruction was listed among the exotica of the field, this year all experiments reported extremely interesting experimental results. Previously, jets have been perceived as robust objects that although heavily shaken, survive their passage through the medium. Now we know that jet yields are strongly suppressed in heavy ion collisions and how exactly the lost energy is redistributed is under intense experimental and theoretical investigation.

The workshop saw 102 participants and about 60 presentations on a diversity of topics comprising jet yield and structure modifications, multiple parton scattering, initial partonic states, photon and heavy quark production, high pT particle correlations and medium response to propagating jets. The ALICE physics coordinator, Federico Antinori, gave the overview talk on LHC High pT results. Constantin Loizides reported the ALICE results on High-pT particle and Jet suppression, Mauro Cosentino covered the Photon measurements and Elena Bruna the Heavy Flavour results. The workshop presented an ideal opportunity for our Chinese colleagues to demonstrated their strong involvement in physics analysis with six highly interesting contributions: High pT correlations (Rongrong Ma), Correlation between neutron and charged hadrons (Xianrong Zhu), Identified charged hadrons at high pT (Xianguo Lu), Neutral meson production (Fengchu Zhou), Heavy Flavour at Forward Rapidity in Pb-Pb (Xiaming Zhang), Quarkonium production from ALICE (Hongyan Yang).