6th ALICE Physics Week Held in Frascati

Flagship ALICE Images Now Available on CDS

by Polly Bennett. Published: 27 April 2012

The latest flagship images of the ALICE experiment are now available on the CERN Document Server (CDS). Photographer Antonio Saba visited ALICE in February to update the stock of still images used for ALICE communications material. Photographs now illustrate the experiment with the newly installed TRD and EMCal modules.

Antonio Saba

My Journey Into Particle Physics: Chiara Bianchin

by Chiara Bianchin. Published: 27 April 2012

On 21st March 2012 I defended my PhD at the Physics Department “Galileo Galilei” of Padova University, Italy. My thesis title was Charm production at the LHC via D0 ? K? reconstruction in ALICE: cross section in pp collisions and first flow measurement in Pb-Pb collisions. All members of the Padova ALICE group attended to support myself and Davide, the other PhD student of the group defending at the same time. Two ALICE members, Anton Andronic and Raimond Snellings, were part of the jury, as experts.