ITS Upgrade Project: Physics Motivation (Working Group 1)

Meeting Costanza, Thanushan & Cesar: Designing electronics for the Upgraded ITS of ALICE

In the lab with Jacobus van Hoorne

Discussing with Wanchaloem Poonsawat

New ALICE Publication Rules

by Barbara Erazmus & Helmut Oeschler. Published: 18 December 2012

The ALICE publications rules have been revised as a part of the ALICE Constitution.

A committee (*) appointed by the chair of the Collaboration Board was charged to review the whole process leading to the publication of results. The outcome of the committee work was a proposal for a revision of the ALICE publication policy endorsed by the Collaboration Board.

ALICE physics results from the p-Pb pilot run

Hot Quarks Conference

by Rosi Reed & Megan Connors. Published: 18 December 2012

The 5th Hot Quarks conference was held from October 14-20 in Copamarina, Puerto Rico. Hot Quarks is a workshop for young scientists who are interested in ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions. ALICE participation at the conference was great, with 25 of the 72 young scientists coming from our experiment. The other LHC experiments and the RHIC experiments as well as JLab and the theory community were all represented at the meeting.

Junior Representatives for the ALICE Collaboration

Published: 18 December 2012

Dear All/Juniors

It is now time to think about the elections of the Junior Representatives for the ALICE Collaboration Board!
Let me remind you what we discussed at the last Junior Day in October.
The CB decision says that we should vote for 3 junior representatives. A junior is either a PhD student, or a post-doc whose degree was awarded less than 5 years ago, or someone who is not a PhD student whose degree was awarded less than 8 years ago. Among the 3 juniors, at least one has to be a graduate student (PhD).

Focus on: Mario Rodriguez Cahuantzi